Frequently Asked Questions

How does FILE 365 work?

When you use Salesforce and Office 365, FILE 365 is suitable for you. Specifically with SharePoint for business.

Documents are stored in SharePoint. Salesforce only stores information about the file in SharePoint. Physically, all files are only in SharePoint. This storage capacity in SharePoint does not count in Salesforce.

Absolutely, this is one of the key features of File 365. Documents stored in SharePoint by non-Salesforce users are also shown in Salesforce by two-way synchronization.

The folder name is automatically taken over from Salesforce. You determine in the FILE 365 settings which Salesforce field will be the folder name.

When a file is uploaded or a change is made in a document, this is almost instantaneous.

No, because everything is stored in Sharepoint, the SharePoint limits apply. This storage capacity in SharePoint does not count in Salesforce.

Subscription / financial

On the Pricing page you can find all information regarding prices per user. 

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No, you only take out a license for the people who need it. This can be adjusted monthly.

Of course, the number of users can be adjusted monthly.

Standard payment is annually in advance. If you have another preference this is negotiable, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we can take care of this for you. Leave a message here to discuss the possibilities.