Manage and edit
Microsoft 365 files
directly in Salesforce


Empower Salesforce with SharePoint integration

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What is File 365?

FILE 365 integrates SharePoint into Salesforce for easy managing and editing of Microsoft 365 files linked to Salesforce records. Access, Edit and Preview documents directly within Salesforce with just one click !

edit directly
in salesforce

Do everything in one platform as you can open and edit MS office files directly in Salesforce.

Microsoft 365

Works with all Microsoft office applications: Excel, Word, Powerpoint


Edit files either in Salesforce or
in SharePoint with
two-way synchronization.


new !

Preview multiple files related to a Salesforce record in one view. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge and scroll on to the next image or file.

in documents

Collaborate in real-time with your colleagues in the same document. All changes are saved directly in Salesforce.


Access your files anywhere, anytime. File 365 is functional in the Salesforce app on all devices.

site per record


Automatically create sites and folders and store files in an organized way.



Supports Salesforce Email-to-Case. Incoming mail attachments are linked to the case record and automatically stored in SharePoint.

rename or delete


Rename or delete files from the related Salesforce record.

Edit Microsoft 365 files in Salesforce faster

FILE 365 significantly improves the workflow of editing Microsoft 365 files saved in Salesforce. With FILE 365, just one click on a file in a Salesforce record is enough to open the file in the right Microsoft application ready for editing. Changes that are made are automatically saved to the document and synchronized back to Salesforce. No more need to download the files, or upload the file back to Salesforce after editing.

Currently, editing files attached to Salesforce records is timeconsuming and involves many steps. First, you need to download the file. After downloading you can modify the file on the device where the download is stored, either your desktop or your smartphone. After editing your document, saving the document will not automatically upload the file back to Salesforce. If you forget to upload the updated file back to Salesforce, all changes will be lost.  All this can be avoided as editing files can be done in just one click, directly in the context of Salesforce with FILE 365.

FILE 365 is an integration of Salesforce and Sharepoint and is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Access, Edit and Save documents directly within Salesforce with just one click!

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Our clients say

"File 365 solved our problem with multiple versions of documents be used. Multiple users are able to edit at the same time and documents are no longer being saved in the wrong location."
"I love FILE 365 as it allows me to edit documents in Salesforce with just ONE click! "
"FILE 365 is a great add-on for Salesforce as it significantly reduces the effort needed to edit files saved in Salesforce records."
"Editing Salesforce files has become a breeze since I discovered FILE 365. I wish I had known this app earlier."

how do I choose the right plan?

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No, you only need to purchase a license for the people who are going to use it. This can be adjusted monthly.

Of course, the number of users can be adjusted monthly.

Standard payment is annually in advance, if you have another preference this is negotiable, please feel free to contact us.

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