What is FILE 365?

FILE 365 is an integration tool that allows you to manage Microsoft 365 files related to Salesforce records more efficiently.  Access, Edit and Save documents directly in Salesforce with just ONE click ! 
File 365 works with all Microsoft office applications: Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 

edit directly
in salesforce

Do everything in one platform as you can open and edit MS office files directly in Salesforce.

TWO-Way sync

Uploading and editing files can be done in Salesforce or in SharePoint with two-way synchronization.

Salesforce to SharePoint:
A file that is uploaded to a Salesforce record will be automatically moved to SharePoint.


SharePoint to Salesforce:
But it also works the other way around: when you upload a file in SharePoint, it will add and show the file in the related Salesforce record.

preview function

The preview functionality in Salesforce shows you directly if this is the right document.

collaborate in documents

Work simultaneously in the same document. All changes are saved directly in Salesforce.

folder organization

Organize files in SharePoint with folders and subfolders. Open the file directly with a link from the Salesforce record.

SEND files

Send files as mail attachments directly from the related Record


File 365 is also functional with mobile

coming soon:
site per record

Store all files of one record in one SharePoint Site